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WTB Stryker TCS Cross Country 15mm Front Wheel

WTB Stryker TCS Cross Country 15mm Front Wheel
Standard hub shown; image of 15mm through-axle unavailable from manufacturer.
This item is currently not available.


WTB's Stryker TCS wheels are all about versatility. They're compatible with standard, UST and WTB's TCS tires so you can run pretty much any rubber you want. Whatever tire you choose, you're faster on these racy, lightweight hoops. The aluminum rims are wide and stiff, they help open your tire up for a better contact patch and are solid in corners and techy sections. Plus, the spokes are butted and bladed, making them 25% lighter than standard spokes and the hubs run smooth and silent on stainless bearings. These hoops are so versatile that Mark Weir won the Downieville DH on these "XC" wheels. So yeah, they're strong.


Size(s) 26-inch
Rim Material WT69 aluminum
Hub(s) Stryker
Spokes (Front/Rear) Bladed, triple butted Sanvik
Holes (Front/Rear) 28
Nipples Aluminum
Skewer(s) WTB
Weight (Front/Rear) 682 grams
Lacing (Front/Rear) 3-cross
Extras Rim strip, tubeless valve

* Subject to change without notice.